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My name is Jeed and I work as a freelance tour guide. My main purpose in creating this website is to show you what a wonderful place Thailand is, and tell you about a special section, Kanchanaburi.

The Second World War was indeed a terrible thing but you may be interested in seeing the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai, which is in Kanchanaburi. The river is quite beautiful, the bridge played a major role in the war in Southeast Asia, and the museum of the history of the bridge is quite explicit and informative. Furthermore, Kanchanaburi is beautiful agricultural country, which you will enjoy very much, with the beautiful Kwainoi River winding through it Should you want to visit Thailand please email me at: (Kwainoi@hotmail.com)

I will be very happy to help you arrange your trip and to be your coordinator and tour guide" With all due respect for modesty I would like to show you a letter Mr. Shelly wrote to me after his visit to Thailand which I include at his suggestion and, as you will see, his permission.


As a prisoner of was after 55 years I returned to Thailand to visit the sight of the railway. My two companions and I were very fortunate to have Jeed as a tour guide. Her services were far beyond our expectation. We could not have had a better guide.

Jeed would be the best guide and the most informative that we have had. I would like to recommend Jeed to any party that requires a first class guide. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeed and I feel that her services could not be bettered. It is with great pleasure and appreciation I give my permission for Jeed to use this statement and accompanying photographs to promote her excellent business.

George Shelly
Prinoner of War
Worked on the Thai Burma Railway 1944


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